Reba McEntire's Jeans Make The Cut

Reba McEntire introduced her own clothing line in Dillard's stores three years ago, and you can rest assured that she hasn't simply slapped her name on someone else's product. She's absolutely a hands-on designer.

"I appreciate clothing a lot more than I ever did before because I do all the work," she told OK! magazine. "My favorite item of all my clothing is jeans. I'm a jeans gal, and I took parts of every jean I had in my closet and what I liked best about each jean, whether it was how high the waist, or the boot cut, how long, how it fit in the butt."

And she offered one observation that fits to creativity, companies and to bodies — all of which are important in the Reba fashion line:

"We grow," she joked, "as we go."

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